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17 Apr 2013

Retirement Plan Restatements and Determination Letters for Cycle C Filers

IRS procedures require each individually designed* qualified retirement plan restatements that is sponsored by an employer with an employer federal tax identification (EIN) number ending in 3 or 8 to file in Cycle C and to file a restated plan by January 31, 2014. The deadline for requesting a determination letter with respect to a restated plan in Cycle C is also January 31, 2014. Governmental individual designed plans may choose to file in Cycle C or wait and file in Cycle E on or before January 31, 2016.

Because Plan restatements can take time to finalize and properly execute, please contact Dannae Delano  for more information or to discuss beginning the restatement of your plan and determination letter application so it can be completed and filed by the applicable deadline. We are also available for any other benefits-related inquiries you may have.

*If you sponsor a volume submitter or prototype document that has not been amended in a manner to offer options not specifically allowed by the volume submitter or prototype document, you do NOT sponsor an individually designed plan and fall under a different cycle system for determination letter purposes.

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