Diane Dann, Senior Vice President – Employment Law and Global Investigations

Diane Dann, Senior Vice President – Employment Law and Global Investigations

Aug 09, 2015

“We have used Lowenbaum Law as our ‘go to’ firm for all matters relating to our Missouri employee population for close to 20 years.  While the firm has grown in size and capability over that time frame, the provision of cost effective, responsive, creative and high quality legal services has been a constant. We use the firm to help us with a myriad of issues including employment litigation, benefits, immigration, crafting policies, investigating employment issues and solving difficult problems. The firm knows us and our business well and is a key strategic partner for MasterCard.”





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Jeff Glik, President/C.E.O.

Jul 23, 2015

“In 1980 I came to the family business after working for a large corporation.  My biggest scare coming to Glik’s Stores was that the fourth generation would be the ones that took down this 90-year-old business.  I understood what areas I needed help navigating. Guidance on legal matters was very high on my list. I met Michael Lowenbaum and immediately knew this was the person to handle legal matters. I will never forget our breakfast meeting 35 years ago.

We met at Layton’s and he said he would be my doctor on legal matters. His sage advice was ‘call me when things do not look right. Be preventative; call me when you have a stomachache; listen to your gut.’  This was amazing advice and I follow it to this day.

This year we will celebrate 118 years in the retail business. We have grown from 12 to 62 stores and from one state to now operating in nine states. We use Lowenbaum Law for all legal work. When we have a question, they are our ‘go to.’ “




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Carolyn Koenig, Chief Human Resources Officer

Jul 22, 2015

As a senior HR executive for companies such as MasterCard International, Wyndham Worldwide, AG Edwards & Sons and most recently Laird Technologies, Carolyn Koenig has received services from the Lowenbaum team for almost twenty years.  

“The Lowenbaum team has provided insightful, practical advice to me and my team on matters of discrimination, retaliation, wage and hour issues, and union avoidance. Their no nonsense and cost effective approach has ensured litigation issues remained controlled reputationally and financially.

The Lowenbaum team has also trained our management team in employment law and union avoidance tactics.  Just recently, the Lowenbaum team supported a Laird team of over 50 managers with a move to a union rich environment from our non-union site and, to date, we have successfully avoided all union organizing.

The Lowenbaum team has supported me and my team in both national and global issues and has become a trusted partner for our corporation.”


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Chris Zimmerman, President & CEO, Business Operations

Jul 21, 2015

“The power of Lowenbaum Law and its service orientation starts with the firm’s culture. We have found the responsiveness and personal care they bring their clients to be a clear differentiator. Our relationship with Lowenbaum Law goes far beyond a traditional client/counsel relationship.

Starting with Michael Lowenbaum, and cascading through the firm, we have found them critical business partners committed to driving strategic decision making that often leads to meaningful financial gains.

As we work to strengthen our partnership with our internal team, Lowenbaum Law has become a critical sounding board for creating best practices across a wide spectrum of employee issues.

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Chuck Drury, President & CEO

“Michael Lowenbaum has been a trusted advisor of Drury Hotels since 1985. As a family-owned and operated hotel system, we rely on the legal expertise of Michael and the other attorneys at Lowenbaum Law. They are our go-to experts in all employment matters and we consider them to be an integral part of the Drury team.

Regardless of the issue, Michael and his team of experienced attorneys go above and beyond to take care of our Drury team, a very diverse workforce spread across 21 states. Lowenbaum Law is proactive; they always have a pulse on what is going on in our industry and often call us with advice and to be on the lookout for potential issues. They realize our business operates 24 hours/day, 7 days/week and are available to take our call at any time.

We couldn’t ask for a more proactive, responsive business advisor and look forward to another 30+ years with Lowenbaum Law as part of our Chuck Drury team.”

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