Client Stories


Carolyn Koenig, Chief Human Resources Officer

Laird Technologies

As a senior HR executive for companies such as MasterCard International, Wyndham Worldwide, AG Edwards & Sons and most recently Laird Technologies, Carolyn Koenig has received services from the Lowenbaum team for almost twenty years.  

“The Lowenbaum team has provided insightful, practical advice to me and my team on matters of discrimination, retaliation, wage and hour issues, and union avoidance. Their no nonsense and cost effective approach has ensured litigation issues remained controlled reputationally and financially.

The Lowenbaum team has also trained our management team in employment law and union avoidance tactics.  Just recently, the Lowenbaum team supported a Laird team of over 50 managers with a move to a union rich environment from our non-union site and, to date, we have successfully avoided all union organizing.

The Lowenbaum team has supported me and my team in both national and global issues and has become a trusted partner for our corporation.”