Client Stories


Jeff Glik, President/C.E.O.

Glik's Stores

“In 1980 I came to the family business after working for a large corporation.  My biggest scare coming to Glik’s Stores was that the fourth generation would be the ones that took down this 90-year-old business.  I understood what areas I needed help navigating. Guidance on legal matters was very high on my list. I met Michael Lowenbaum and immediately knew this was the person to handle legal matters. I will never forget our breakfast meeting 35 years ago.

We met at Layton’s and he said he would be my doctor on legal matters. His sage advice was ‘call me when things do not look right. Be preventative; call me when you have a stomachache; listen to your gut.’  This was amazing advice and I follow it to this day.

This year we will celebrate 118 years in the retail business. We have grown from 12 to 62 stores and from one state to now operating in nine states. We use Lowenbaum Law for all legal work. When we have a question, they are our ‘go to.’ “