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Labor Relations

Lowenbaum Law has a proven, successful history of representing management in labor matters.  Many of our lawyers began their careers at the National Labor Relations Board and bring a wealth of inside experience and knowledge to the practice.

We work proactively with companies to implement strategies for union avoidance. We also work with management to respond to union drives, collective bargaining negotiations, strikes, picketing and all issues involving unions. Our attorneys have handled every type of case and situation both as private practice lawyers and as employees of the NLRB.

Our singular focus is to help our clients achieve their goals, whether that means developing stable labor relations and a productive working relationship with unions or aggressively helping employees remain union free.

Traditional labor law is a complex, focused area of the law, and one misstep can have serious economic consequences for businesses both in the short and long term. Only experienced labor lawyers with vast collective knowledge, like those at Lowenbaum Law, can provide the best representation through the purchase and sale of a business with a union-represented workforce, union negotiations, strikes, lockouts, NLRB charges, union campaigns, decertification elections and when and how to lawfully withdraw recognition from a union.

We offer our Labor & Employment Blog, regular seminars and our annual Managing Your Workforce Seminar to provide continuing guidance on labor relations issues.

Labor Relations Blog Posts

Department of Labor Issues Controversial Union “Persuader” Rule

March 24, 2016 by
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Take Action Now: Persuader Rule Update

June 16, 2016 by
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