Wage & Hour Law

The threat of a current or former employee filing a class or collective wage and hour action poses one of the greatest employment litigation threats to our clients. Our attorneys have been advising employers nationwide on how to avoid, prepare for and react to these threats for decades.

Whether it is litigating a state or federal wage and hour action or defending an audit by the U.S. Department of Labor, Wage and Hour Division or similar state agency, our attorneys are uniquely qualified to represent employers in all facets of defending these matters. In fact, many of our attorneys formerly worked at governmental entities. That experience is extremely beneficial to our clients in defending these types of claims.

Our attorneys also take great pride in helping clients avoid such claims. We believe the best way to avoid wage and hour problems, litigation and potential audits is for our clients be proactive. We employ a number of tools to assist with both compliance and prevention. Whether it is responding quickly to day-to-day questions or providing a complete wage and hour audit, we serve our clients with the comprehensive guidance necessary to help avoid potential wage and hour liability.

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